Lilliane & The Brand

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a world-renowned institution, is where Lilliane Moses proudly earned her fine pedigree of knowledge in the jewellery industry. Practicing for well over 30 years, her wealth of experience, expertise and understanding leaves her well-equipped to deal with the wants and needs of her clients.

Lilliane is in constant search of interesting and unique pieces acquired worldwide. Her proficiency in selecting and importing fine gemstones is one of the very reasons her customers continue to return, thereby establishing a delightful and personal relationship.

Lilliane takes great pride in creating one of the most important purchases for a couple, the Engagement Ring. Each piece is crafted and tailored with your desires in mind. Wanting to stay true to what will beautifully represent the relationship with this magical and romantic piece, Lilliane designs it with the utmost detail and care. From engagement to everyday pieces, Lilliane is here to bring your designs to life and make dreams come true!

As of lately, Lilliane has taken on the goal of giving her clients the option to create their own custom stacks or collections by carefully curating her new line, LIL x LFJ. This collection is inspired by the ever growing trend of stacked jewellery tied with the importance and uniqueness of everlasting classics. 

Lilliane's Fine Jewellery bestows a sophistication and refinement that radiates with every wear. We look forward to your visit, online or in person, allowing us to grace you with our gems and jewels.